The new Leopard 46 is the second model in the series of new generation Leopard engines and directly overlaps the award-winning Leopard 53. Built and designed by Robertson & Kane Shipyard with one goal in mind, to provide the best comfort and performance compared to the best of its competitors.


As the successor of the Leopard 51, the most popular motorcycle of all time, the Leopard 53 contains all the features that made its predecessor so successful. With the size, stability and efficiency expected of a catamaran combined with the comfort and luxury of a yacht, it is designed in a unique style without compromising […]

leopard 45 sail‎

Sailing Catamaran 45FT – First launched model At the La Grande Motte exhibition in France in April 2016 which he replaced The 44 model. Since the launch, this yacht has been receiving awards and accolades At every possible exhibition. The yacht is characterized by external innovations and internal. Changing the face of the saloon and […]

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